Aruna Liyanage

Empowering women through livelihoods that create a positive environmental impact to managing and minimizing environmental risks in the workplace, with the ultimate aim of creating a ripple effect through society – in rural communities as well as in the cities – all begins with an individual and his/her family unit, I believe. Strengthening the family unit socially and economically is what we strive to do at PCCL. Although our journey in sustainability is just beginning, we’ve worked hard not only to conceptualize and implement green initiatives, but also to practice the three ‘R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle – in our work culture. Our sustainability committee comprises board members, we have a Social Performance Management committee and a sustainable department – both of which report to the Board. Each staff member of PCCL, from the CEO to support staff, have a key performance indicator on their practice of sustainability in the workplace included in their appraisal. We try our utmost to “walk the talk” each day