We are committed to building an EMPOWERED WORK FORCE – proactive, trustworthy personnel with the knowledge, skills and creativity to achieve our goal. Without a passion for what we do, PCCL would not be able to function. And so we collectively work towards inspiring a CULTURE OF PASSION. TECHNOLOGY is key. We PROMOTE PARTNERSHIPS with stakeholders who share our interests. We have partnered with Prima Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd, Fonterra Brands Lanka and Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd for a number of our green initiatives as you will find out below. As a signatory to the UN Global Compact and a supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We ensure GENDER EQUALITY in our work force, and employ female development officers. We don’t stop learning CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is the way we grow in our efforts to CHANGE THE MICROFINANCE LANDSCAPE IN SRI LANKA.