Empowering more women by Rupa Dheerasinghe


As a microfinance company, our main focus is not to lend and receive. Our focus is to empower economically vulnerable women in rural parts of Sri Lanka to become strong entrepreneurs, which will set into motion a cycle that – we envision – will ultimately alleviate their families from a life of poverty. And our aim is to do this the green way. The push to solidify a woman’s place in the workforce has never been as strong as it is now. And we uphold this in every facet of our work. As a company that is signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to maintain gender equality in our workplace and have more women in leadership positions. We employ female development officers so that our clients can openly share their struggles, without upsetting the status quo in rural communities. Being able to empathize woman to woman, our development officers are thus able to better ascertain the financial solution that will meet their clients’ needs.







Sustainable Microfinance to fight poverty – Madhawa Eddusuriya

The microfinance and MSME industry is growing at a fast pace in the local and international market. Many governments drive this as a way forward to build the economy and empower the economically vulnerable. This empowerment of low-income households in the developing world is key to propelling developing countries’ economic and social progress, particularly in our region of Asia. When we created Prosperous Capital and Credit Ltd (PCCL), we decided to shift our thinking and make it a sustainable microfinance company, with women at the heart of the business. Our Board of Directors understood the value and significance of this and have proactively worked towards establishing green microfinance solutions at PCCL. This year, we conducted a social audit to evaluate our social performance based on the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (SPM). We sought to understand our progress, the gaps, how we can improve, and obtain results to provide evidence of our SPM practices to our stakeholders. The concept of sustainability has been in our DNA since our inception in 2013. It is our Purpose to operate this way, encompassing our People, the Planet, and financial impact.