“I am from the Sooriyawewa village. My husband served in the army. I had always wanted to start a business and had no funds to do so. I too heard about Prosperous and was interested to find out more about obtaining a loan. And so one day I visited them to see if it would be possible and they welcomed me, listened to what I had to say and immediately thereafter in a very short time approved the loan.

After receiving the loan I was able to start a small scale business. And now after 5 years the shop has grown from a 100 square foot room to a 1000 square foot enterprise thanks to Prosperous. We were able to successfully pay back the loan in that time.

Today we have plans to take another loan from Prosperous, and to work closely with them to build a modest hotel next to our shop. Prosperous has helped a lot of startups to put a foot on the road to progress and we won’t be where we are today if Prosperous hadn’t helped us when they did with our first loan to start our store.”

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