Rasika Nisansala 

“I am from the Sooriyawewa village. My husband served in the army. I had always wanted to start a business and had no funds to do so. I too heard about Prosperous and was interested to find out more about obtaining a loan. And so one day I visited them to see if it would be possible and they welcomed me, listened to what I had to say and immediately thereafter in a very short time approved the loan.

After receiving the loan I was able to start a small scale business. And now after 5 years the shop has grown from a 100 square foot room to a 1000 square foot enterprise thanks to Prosperous. We were able to successfully pay back the loan in that time.

Today we have plans to take another loan from Prosperous, and to work closely with them to build a modest hotel next to our shop. Prosperous has helped a lot of startups to put a foot on the road to progress and we won’t be where we are today if Prosperous hadn’t helped us when they did with our first loan to start our store.”

Geetha Sharmanie – Capital Supply Facility 

“I started off very small, as a banana farmer that lacked sufficient funds to make the business grow. I was confident I could build it to the next phase and I wanted to do it on a much larger scale. Then I heard about Prosperous and went to them. After I met with them and explained my situation, they granted me the loan in a very short period of time!

Thereafter I was able to expand my banana farm into a larger plantation and it has grown into a very lucrative business.

I will never forget that when I obtained the loan the Lady Officials were very nice to me. They were approachable and approved the loan very quickly and guided me through the entire process. I was granted the loan with very low interest rates and that helped me to establish my business.

Today my banana farm has grown and helped me generate a stable income enabling me to pay off the loan along the way as well.”

Asar Ahamed Nafwan

“I found out about PCCL’s “Raid” islamic microfinance facility in my local masjid. I obtained LKR 250,000 – the first Islamic loan facility from the company under Waqalah to develop my grocery store. I settled the facility without any default and then obtained a second loan of LKR300,000. My sale turnover has increased and I was also able to get a motorbike with my income.”

Mrs SP Managalika – Sooriyawewa 

I started sewing clothes as a self-employment opportunity. My machine was very old.  Day by day my orders increased. My dream was to get a Singer electric machine. At this time I  got to know about Prosperous Capital and Credit. I bought the sewing machine through a financing plan through PCCL.

Mrs S H M Somapala – Thalawa

For 5 years I used my friend’s water motor to water my plants. Even though my friend gave it, I knew she also needed it at the same time. I knew, I had to get a water motor somehow. I reached out to Prosperous Capital and Credit’s branch manager in our area and he was able to finance my water pump through a hire purchase scheme.