Believer that every person deserves a chance to build their own wealth.

Charith Amarasekara was born into a business family. As a reputed chartered accountant Charith who is the Financial Advisor at Asian Development Bank has been a keystone of the finance industry with his vision, vigour, relentlessness and commitment to excellence.

He possesses work and industry experience in a myriad of countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Singapore, U.S, U.K and Sri Lanka.

In March 2013, Charith was promoted as the CEO at Nation Lanka Finance PLC (The Parent Company of the Group) which is a licensed finance company in Sri Lanka listed on the main board of the Colombo Stock Exchange. At the age of 31, Charith carved a milestone as one of the youngest CEO’s of a listed entity in Sri Lanka. During Charith’s tenure as the CEO, he was instrumental in completely turning around the Company to post a Net Profit of nearly LKR 200 million.

It was Charith that introduced wealth planning initiatives to the impoverished, determined to let the less privileged educate themselves and transcend into experts of managing their own resources in a strategic, productive and income inducing manner, developing along the social ladder, a rung at a time.

Thanks to Charith equity development has been paved, creating means for better saving methods that are now implemented and encouraged. However it is the notion that a person should not be dependant on loans their entire lives, but be able to build and sustain their own wealth as well that has been an irrevocable substratum in the industry.

He indoctrinates the belief that no one should be burrowers forever and at Prosperous Mr.Amarasekara is a beacon and unmatched talent that we value and cherish.