Focused on people, regions, the nation and future while enhancing and enriching people’s lives…

Madhawa’s credo is simple yet profound. He believes that people come before profit.

He is a multifariously experienced individual that has revolutionized the micro finance industry in Sri Lanka and helped create opportunities, to foster lasting relationships and maximizing business potential at all junctures of his exceptional vocational journey.

Madhawa has fervently pursued to create greater equilibrium by uplifting communities and accentuating business simultaneously, while never losing sight of the focal point; bridging gaps, bettering lives and empowering communities to become self proficient, relentless and to learn to finally sustain themselves.

With his inception at the Grameen funding department, and his tenure throughout the industry from his stint at Ceylinco Grameen to his impact in Commercial Credit to his contributions to Nation Lanka, he has been instrumental in conceiving and developing the micro finance concept along his remarkable corporate voyage.

Madhawa brandishes over 2 decades of experience garnering him unequivocal skill as a lucrative arbiter of investments. The Grameen concept was revitalized and rejuvenated by him, who built a foundation for micro finance from scratch and he orchestrated and executed the idea of extracting relevant strengths and adaptable concepts from Grameen and Asa micro finance, whilst integrating it into a cohesive and comprehensive platform for Sri Lanka. Over 10 billion Sri Lankan funds have thus been raised thanks to Madhawa’s input, vitality and foresight.

Even in rougher and turbulent times Mr.Edussuriya sought after and mobilized investments gaining him a reputation as a relentless and passionate individual whose perseverance in the financial industry is unrivalled.

Madhawa’s reputation was further cemented, earning him a name as a cornerstone of the industry because of his steadfast determination in achieving equal opportunities and industry reverence for micro finance personnel throughout the country and especially for those that have worked with or under his nurturing wing. It was his vision that every manager, employee and stakeholder should be availed the same industry benefits, be it vehicles, allowances and other novel perks where the circle was duly squared and those in the micro finance industry were shed in a new light, as professionals and specialists of a lucrative fraction of the finance industry previously not regarded and unrewarded. Madhawa revolutionized the micro finance industry as a whole, improving and uplifting his workforce as well as the impoverished clientele he is passionate about serving.

It is his belief that only people that can truly understand the plight of those in need could offer services that are beneficial and be approachable to impoverished communities. His vision to help people, build communities and solidify societal growth has been an unmarred trajectory espousing the financial aspects and the values of the Company while balancing the commercial aspects along with the social factors that are part and parcel of the organization’s core value system.

It is no secret that Madhawa was an integral part of establishing Micro Finance under the Sharia/Islamic principals in the country as well.
The Triple Bottom Line framework was introduced to Prosperous by Mr.Edussuriya where the entire business strategy is built on the 6 pillar concept where CSR isn’t an endorsement but rather a pivotal part of the process of the model’s infrastructure itself. It is his intention that continuous training, education and learning contributes to overall development and so every customer and stakeholder in the organization must embody these essential principals to carry Prosperous to new heights.

He harnesses a belief in empowering people that possess the potential, proclivity and promise of working with dedication, showcase commitment and will accentuate their lives while benefiting the Company as well. It was his vision that with every loan granted to each family, that a complimentary plant is gifted as well, with the condition of the aforesaid family owning a home garden which has helped promulgate and popularize organic farming.

From availing solar panels to small shop owners, to save money while endorsing a green marketing framework into their daily routine to presenting Scholarships to the children of the women who burrowed loans to creating more work opportunities to the female populace, Madhawa concedes that more and more able women should cease venturing overseas for domestic aid, and instead make use of the opportunities here to increase domestic productivity and efficiency.

In the sector value chain; Prosperous creates business opportunities with improved and tailored products and services. This is achieved by the Company integrating and collaborating with other organizations and professional industries.

Even the global view and misconceptions investors bore about Sri Lanka have been abated and put to rest thanks at large to Madhawa’s revolutionary strategies, his novel concepts, his unique vision and justifications that Sri Lanka is a lucrative hotspot for micro finance, with many people and communities showcasing gargantuan potential.
Having not limited Micro Finance concepts to just Sri Lanka, he has been paramount in assiduously placing our nation on the global map while taking Prosperous overseas establishing successful operations.

To Madhawa equilibrium is significant while the values he encompasses are instrumental in taking Prosperous to a new frontier where every customer, shareholder, employee, investor and stakeholder will be united and one.