Experience truly speaks louder than words…

Rupa Dheerasinghe is a seasoned, deeply impassioned and driven asset of the Prosperous family. She brings to the fold her wit, experience, foresight, passion and skill set; traits imperative in shaping a good organization into a great one.

Rupa is an experienced regulator clocking numerous years of hard work and sweat, is passionate about carving a society where women are availed equal rights and equal opportunities.

This is why Micro Finance is close to her heart. Rupa understands that there is a correlation between intentions and deeds. Her extraordinary passion for eradicating the status quo and uplifting the standards of the less privileged has earned her a steadfast reputation as a philanthropist, an ardent community worker and someone that believes staunchly in empowering women.

She is the Lion 306C1 District’s first female Governer, a remarkable feat further augmented with 25 years experience as part of the Lions Club supervising and coordinating a myriad of humanitarian work.

Rupa is widely regarded as the instigator of initiating a series of Kidney disease eradication projects where she was paramount in ensuring that hygienic, drinkable and usable water resources were facilitated to regions that lacked this basic and most vital of resources.

Mrs.Dheerasinghe was instrumental in establishing income generating facilities to low income groups and those impoverished in the country because of her ample experience and true comprehension of the industry and the plight of women nation wide.

Rupa has been a bedrock of empowering women; be it economically, socially, culturally or even in terms of garnering leadership and decision making power – solidifying her steps to achieve gender equality.

It is Rupa’s dream to take Prosperous to unprecedented terrain so that every employee, stakeholder, partner, investor and customer will achieve greater prosperity while propelling the Company to the zenith of the micro finance stratosphere.