Keeping his ear to the ground & his finger on the pulse of his people…

Sahan is a man of strong, unparallel leadership. Someone that every Company and Organization needs. Someone to look up to. Someone that they can connect with and feel that their sentiments, feelings and opinions are commonly shared but also valued.

Sahan is a man that has earned the respect of his peers, stakeholders and his clientele because his values resonate within others, just by affiliation and being in the same room you feel you are in the company of someone that knows what you feel, what you must endure on your daily grind. He comes across as down to earth and possesses a demeanour that you can simply relate to.

It is no secret that the staff and employees look up to him. Every rung of the organization from the managerial levels to the minor staff respect and look up to him because Sahan is that rare corporate icon; a man who understands the needs and desires of those around him and someone that stops at nothing in helping people reach their full potential.

When it comes to creativity and innovative ideas he is second to none and Mr.Deshappriya is a revolutionary individual in the micro finance industry in his own right.

It was Sahan’s idea of introducing the concept to have women as loan officers. His perception was justified as women in rural areas and impoverished regions can relate better to other women, creating greater accessibility and openness to those in need.

Sahan was pivotal in instigating that agricultural technology from overseas is introduced to local farmers to increase productivity. Even the idea to introduce advanced IT systems to Micro Finance was Sahan’s brainchild availing those in rural and less developed areas to have opportunities to utilize online payment mechanisms and easier and modern methods of payment which has encouraged growth and development in the aforesaid regions.

Sahan has a finger on the pulse of every person, region and every demographic and that is why his tenure at Ambilipitya – at the Sooriywawa Grameen branch proved bountifully successful.

It is he who was instrumental in assessing the behavioural patterns, wants and needs of the impoverished while evaluating their requirements and offering diverse tailored solutions to them.

With hands on experience from being a credit officer to a senior manager Sahan as they say is a man who can tell the type of the soil simply from its smell.

A man with his heart in the right place, his mind focused on the vision, his ear on the ground and his finger on the pulse of every person.